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The Proper Use Of Lift Chairs You Know What?
- Aug 14, 2018 -

First, we have just begun to adjust the lift chair after, do not always adjust the lift chair, often adjust the damage caused by the pressure of a lot of people like to do not stop when the rotation of the chair, or in the thinking of the time will rotate, so that the wear pressure is more powerful, Can form explosive hidden danger lift chair must find professional maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance.

Do not easily remove unloading, so as to avoid danger if you find that the adjustment function is not good to use or other circumstances, we must stop using someone to repair, do not make the use of unnecessary damage to the lift Chair also need to carry out regular inspection.

There are maintenance, every once in a while to see if there is loosening, cracks, etc. in use, do not always sit in the front of the lift chair, lest cause the force uneven, let the chair force distortion.

Finally, remember not to Chaigai, or add any accessories in the lift chair, so as not to affect the use of chairs, dangerous.

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