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Teach You How To Choose A Computer Chair
- Aug 14, 2018 -

Cushion to be comfortable. The usual computer chairs are sponge cushion, good cushion is usually thicker, and have a concave curve, to get used to the body's butt curve, to the body to play an outstanding support and maintenance effect, a good cushion flexibility, so that you have a comfortable sitting feeling.

The back should be secure.The back of the computer chair should also stress its comfortable feeling and security, some of the chair back some very loose, and even slight shaking can occur noise, such a chair is not only simple damage, sometimes there are security risks.

Lifting steering rod. If you buy a swivel chair, you must do the Take-off and landing of the swivel chair, feeling the process is not circulating lubrication, there is no loose appearance. If you feel hindered or feel dry, think about the quality of doubt.

Other details. Hand test on the armrest, bump is not feel comfortable, sway around, look at the whole layout of the chair is not stable. Turn the chair over, watch the layout of its shade, and if it finds that the parts are coarse or rust-stained, it is a defective product.

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