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How To Clean And Maintain The Office Seat More Scientifically?
- Aug 14, 2018 -

PU, mesh-type office chair cleaning: PU material is a synthetic imitation leather material, this material compared to the appearance of the real leather and easier to care. The armrest of the seat uses PU material, in the cleaning process, the general use wet towel gently wipe, can remove most stains. If necessary, the use of leather cleaners or leather brightener can make PU material more shiny and durable.

As for the net cloth, some chair's backrest or cushion cover uses the net cloth, may use the brush plus washes the clean cleaning, this kind of net cloth material abrasion-resistant and dries faster, do not have to worry about has the possibility of the brush bad.

Leather office chair Cleaning: Because the cortex is not very breathable, summer users back easy to sweat, so just bought the leather office chair, to use the maintenance of wax in the office chair smear a protective film, to prevent sweat and dirt immersed in the leather office chair epidermis, of course, do not use water to scrub, long time so dry will cause the dermis to harden, It doesn't feel as soft as when you first bought it. Maintenance time, generally one months can be, for summer easy sweating season, a week can be maintained once.

Cloth office Chair Cleaning: Gently wipe with detergent, can also use warm water and detergent to wipe, but bogey with brushes to rub, if wiped with a brush will damage the fabric, lead to pilling, time long cloth office chair looks very old.

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