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How To Choose The Right Meeting Chair
- Aug 14, 2018 -

Conference chairs are different from office chairs, office chairs are flexible, convenient to move, and conference chairs, as the name suggests is in the conference room with the Chair, do not need to pay attention to flexibility, attention should be how to rationally use space, can reasonably accommodate more people. And the bow Chair as a conference chair, modelling simple, compared to the swivel chair to occupy less area, can fully make the utilization rate of space to maximize.

The choice of the back of the Chair is also very important to health, the chair back should be a velvet glove type, the stent must be strong, the surface must have a certain degree of elasticity, and contact with the human body must be breathable, wear-resistant, dirty, and not easy with the body or clothing to produce static electricity.

How to choose the chair foot? Chair leg selection is very fastidious, can not have scar festival, generally can not splicing. To buy metal chairs to pay attention to steel pipe, such as metal pipe wall thickness, relatively speaking, thicker and stronger.

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