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How To Choose The Chair That Suits You
- Aug 14, 2018 -

The leather chair is commonly used in the Chair of the chair and the boss, relative to the larger volume, contact the area is also larger, natural and comfortable many, on the dermis more wear-resistant, the use of time is relatively long, the executive Chair and boss Chair of the overall structure, designers are ergonomic chair design, the price appropriate is also higher.

NET cloth chairs are usually used as staff chairs, such office chair flexibility to adapt to reasonable price, more suitable for office area, General Staff chairs are used nylon turn feet, you can see our internal structure chassis and rod and other hardware accessories, seat is high elasticity sponge can also help to absorb sweat.

Most of the conference room and reception hall use solid wood Conference chair, this kind of wooden chair is more durable, strong and good care, but definitely not suitable for office long to do, not comfortable! Steel chair generally used in public places such as railway stations, subway stations, hospitals and airports and long-distance bus stations and so on. This kind of chair is fit for a place with large flow of people.

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