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The structure of office swivel Chair
- Aug 14, 2018 -

1, backrest.The backrest is generally composed of a steel frame or plastic frame and a breathable mesh cloth. 

2, casters.Casters can be divided into ordinary casters and Pu casters, of which PU casters more suitable for wood flooring. 

3, soft cushion. The three parts of wood, fabric and sponge form soft cushion.Fabric is usually green husk, Italian skin, Tepi, as well as chemical fiber, such as cashmere, which belong to the production of senior executive chair superior raw materials, Italian skin, Thai skin second, staff chair most of the use of chemical fiber linen fabric. 

4, five-star feet.The vast majority of office swivel chairs are used with five-star feet, the material mainly includes iron chrome and aluminum alloy, of which the iron chrome structure is more stable, but the bottom is easy to rust, and the aluminum alloy structure is strong, only to do polishing treatment for a long time using the surface will darken. 

5, functional chassis.The chassis is a part for holding the base and the bottom is connected with the gas rod. 

6, Gas rod. The air rod is also called the lifter, which can be used to adjust the height and rotation of the swivel chair.

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