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Selection of computer Chair cushion
- Aug 14, 2018 -

First, the cushion must be placed in the waist, put on the back is ineffective. This is because the normal human spine has a total of three physiological bends, because of physiological needs they do not grow in a straight line, the thoracic spine back convex, cervical spine and lumbar spine forward convex, viewed from the side, the spine is like two s of the connection. Because of this physiological characteristics, waist, back can not be placed in the same plane. Therefore, sit in the computer chair, if put a cushion in the waist, can make the waist obtain the effective support, the maintenance lumbar anterior flexion physiology, the balance lumbar vertebra, the waist muscle pressure, reduces the strain, increases the comfort, the prevention and the improvement lumbar vertebra discomfort, to stabilize the spine to have the benefit.

Secondly, the thickness of the cushion should be appropriate. Can not be too thin too soft, this can not hold up the role of the waist, also not too thick too hard, too thick may cause lumbar excessive forward flexion, and too hard will be painful. In the selection can be put on the cushion after the waist, if the mat after 10 minutes still feel very comfortable, then this thickness is suitable, if feel the waist back fatigue or even pain, then this cushion is not qualified. Again, the person who already has lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion and lumbar spinal canal stenosis, pay more attention to the comfort of cushion.

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