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Office chair cushion
- Aug 14, 2018 -

The material of office chair cushion is the part that needs to pay attention to when buying, its design is reasonable, relate to the comfort of office chair in use.Because while sitting, most of the pressure on the body is a few in the buttocks, only a small portion of the thigh share, at this time the buttocks are pressed on the cushion, in order to reduce the buttocks nerves and buttocks blood vessels in the sitting when the great pressure, in the choice of office chair cushion, preferably softer, breathable.

Generally there are two kinds of cushion, including mesh and cloth cover packing. Many companies will choose the net cloth Cushion office chair, mesh cushion because the air permeability is better, and sit more comfortable, can reduce commuters because sedentary cause hip overheating caused some diseases, especially for women. Its degree of firmness is also not worry, can withstand the pressure of ephemeral 130kg-150kg, even if the cushion is small scope damage, will not affect the normal use.

Another cushion is the use of cloth on the cover of the filler, if it is a better office chair, will use memory cotton as a filler, after the pressure is lifted can automatically restore to the original shape. When making memory cotton cushion is molded, taking into account the pressure to sit down on the chair, so can effectively disperse the pressure of the human body. But the market on the quality of the cushion is uneven, when purchasing not because cheap and buy inferior office chair cushion, affect the daily work.

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