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Computer Chair classification
- Aug 14, 2018 -

One, according to the applicable place classification

1, the work Chair: applies in the production workshop and so on the work place, the Chair, the composition is simple. 

2, Student Chair: Apply to the school and meeting place and so on. The same composition of the chair is simple.   

3, Staff chair: widely used in office environment, chairs less volume, occupy less space.   

4, the middle shift chair: The chair volume is bigger, occupies the place to be big, the usual user is the management class personnel.   

5, Executive chair: Also known as the Boss Chair, the appearance of the atmosphere.

6, Conference Chair: The appearance of novel, fashion, chair comfort is not the first element of the designer.   

Second, according to fabric classification 

1, Hemp Rong Chair: Work chair, staff chair, Middle shift chair uses many.

2, net cloth Chair: Early several years shift chair, meeting chair, class front chair, use more, this kind of fabric chair has strong breathability, relatively suitable for sedentary. has been widely used in staff chairs. 

3, Leather Chair: Executive chair use most. Skin: leather, imitation of the skin of the points. More than 95% is imitation skin.

4, anti-static chair: The surface of the chair using anti-static treatment, or anti-static accessories and fabrics.

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