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Comfortable computer Chair purchase
- Aug 14, 2018 -

1.observe the cushion. The seat of the computer chair has many kinds of material, mainly can be divided into net cloth, leather, flannel and so on. Computer chairs are generally used sponge cushion. The good cushion is thicker, the softness is moderate, and has the concave arc, adapts the hip curve, sits feels comfortably.And, good cushion elasticity is good, high-end products will generally use stereotypes memory sponge.

2.the back design of the computer chair should be fitted with the human spine, is a s-shaped curve, can be completed within a certain range of the twisting and deformation can be restored, if the backrest slack, backward will produce noise, and easy damage to the chair.

3.the waist of the computer chair design should be in the human Body third Chapters Section lumbar vertebra position has the support design.The back of the computer chair can be slightly convex or design adjustable waist, can make the waist be supported, reduce strain, increase comfort, improve the discomfort of lumbar vertebrae.

4.try to shake the computer chair, if the overall structure of the feeling is unstable, it means that the chair is more loose, easy to damage. 

5. should try to choose material Soft handrail, in order to alleviate long time work caused by arm blood circulation is not smooth.It is best to choose a computer chair that can adjust the armrest position.

6.check the gas bar quality, if the purchase is a swivel chair, you should rotate the swivel chair, check whether the Take-off and landing process is smooth, if feel dry, it means that the quality of gas rod unqualified.

7.the computer chair to flip, to see its hidden structure, if the parts are rough, rust stains and so on, the product is inferior.

8.the purchase of swivel chair should also check whether the wheel movement is smooth, if the movement dry, then the product quality does not pass. 

Choose a high quality comfortable computer chair, for computer workers is indispensable, not only can alleviate fatigue, but also for your health to add a layer of protection barriers.

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